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After I posted this blog post I received an email from one of my dearest friends (who just so happens to be living in Germany but is IN THE STATES & I GET TO SEE HER SATURDAY) suggesting that we start an online book club with some of our girlfriends from college.

I’ve been wanting to read more and I thought this would be a great way to keep my mind active when I’m having trouble juxtaposing hours of Dora & Bubble Guppies with my need for intellectual stimulation.  Another one of my girlfriends from college who happens to have a really awesome & inspiring blog had posted about The Happiness Project so we decided to make this our first selection.

I am three chapters in and this book is changing my life. The irony is I don’t think there is anything in it so far that is groundbreaking or that I didn’t  already intrinsically know but it’s making me take a good look at myself. I’m cognizant of my actions and how they affect other people. I’m thinking before I’m speaking and I’m learning how to “fake it til I make it.”

This book is making me take a hard look at myself and how I live my life. I am already seeing changes in my relationship with my husband and my children because I’m making active decisions to live happier.

I’ve decided to share the questions we are discussing from each Chapter. I will obviously not be sharing the answers from my girlfriends but I WILL be sharing my answers. The format we have chosen is a group email exchange and I will be sharing with you exactly what I’ve written to them…. raw & unedited.

If you are reading this book I’d love it if you would share your thoughts in the comments, answer the same questions on your blog or email me personally if you want to discuss in private.

If you aren’t reading this book I hope you’ll consider picking it up, I don’t think you’ll regret it. I bought the Kindle version for $9.99 on Amazon and I can read it on our iPad or my iPhone. It’s a very quick and easy read.

I’ll leave you with the questions for Chapters One and Two. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing with you my answers to Chapter One.

Chapter 1

1.  On page 23 (of my version of this book), the author says that the best way to judge whether something will make you happy is to find a person who is doing the thing you are thinking about.  If it makes them happy, you can assume that you will feel the same way.  (She talks about this in context of working out with a trainer–she didn’t think she would like it, but since her friend was working out with a trainer and enjoyed it, she rationalized that she would as well.)  Do you agree with this?

2.  The author talks about wearing a pedometer and her “insatiable need for credit”.  Do you identify with that?

3.  Do you find, as the author does, that clutter is draining on your energy?  What strategies do you use to keep your life organized?

4.  The author says that tackling an easy task (an automatic success) is a surefire way to lift your mood.  Do you agree with that statement?

5.  Is acting more energetic, even though you don’t feel it, disingenuous or fake?  Or is it a good way to improve your energy level and mood?

Chapter 2

1.  What did you think about Gretchen’s February resolutions?  Which one is the hardest for you to think about working on?

2.  The Happiness Project is packed with quotations. Which quotation from Chapter 2 resonated most with you?

3.  Are there any points Gretchen makes in this chapter that you disagree with?


Disclaimer: These questions have been taken from various blogs and Oprah’s site.

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  • Allison

    I read your prior post & feel like I could have written it (minus the 2nd kid & having a loving husband). The last year has been more than difficult, I have lost “Allison”. Part of the main concept of the support group I attend is ‘taking care of yourself’ & I am lacking. About 9 months ago we did a whole session on goals & sadly I have accomplished none of them.

    Maybe reading The Happiness Project & following along on your blog will give me the boost I need to actually Do Something for ME!

    Thanks :)


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