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Dear Madison,

Today you are three.

I can’t believe you have been here for three whole years but at the same time I can’t  remember what my life was like before you. I’m thinking it probably had a lot more sleep. I’m also certain it wasn’t nearly as magical.

Lately your world has blossomed into this imaginary place that I love getting to be a part of. We pass enchanted forests on the way to school. We discover which paths we are going to take home. We play princesses and dragons. You are equally happy to play either part. Stomping around the house and roaring or wearing your heels and a magical tutu. When you’re the princess you say that either Daddy or Pops is your Prince. Oh my heart soars when you say that.

You wake up every morning telling me that you had sweet dreams. It started off as a question I asked you every day and somewhere along the lines you started telling me without being asked. When I ask you what your dreams were about it’s almost always horses and flowers and cupcakes and rainbows. All of the things a 3 year old’s dream should be filled with.

You say you want to be a fireman when you grow up. In fact, you seem in a hurry to grow up all too fast. Suddenly you’ve turned into a tiny adult, fully convinced you are capable of doing all of the things on your own. When I’m driving you home from school you ask me if you’ll be able to drive when you “are all grow-ed up.” I tell you that yes, some day when you grow up you’ll be able to drive. Usually my affirmation is enough to keep you happy except the other day you responded with, “But mommy, I’m growing up right now. I grow like a flower.”

You sure do, sweet girl. Although I would ask you to slow down a little because my heart can’t quite handle how quickly you are sprinting forward.

There are moments, albeit fleeting, when you pause and sit in my lap for a moment to share a book. Or sometimes you ask me to lay down with you before bed, grab my cheeks with both of your hands and just smile at me. In those moments my heart could not be any more full. Every night, your dad and I still walk into your room to make sure you are tucked in and kiss your sweet, not so chubby & baby-like, cheeks one more time.

I marvel at what a blessing you are. I love watching your personality blossom and catching a glimpse of the adult that you are going to become (sometime very very far away from now thankyouverymuch).  You take after me in so many ways. Head strong, emotional, methodical. Lucky for you, you are also whimsical and smart like your dad. I’d like to think you will end up being a perfect balance of the two of us. If not, just marry a laid-back guy like your dad. That’s sound advice, trust me.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that parenting you has been a challenge these days. I get it. Three is hard. You are learning that you have control over your world and figuring out how much of that control extends to different aspects of our daily life. I want you to be an independent thinker and to challenge people.  I want you to value having a choice and I want you to understand what happens when that choice wasn’t the right one. I want you to make mistakes and get back up.

Now if you could just stop challenging what’s on your dinner plate every night, we’d all be much happier people.

Madison, you are beautiful, empathetic and imaginative.

You exude joy and inject happiness into our lives each and every single day. Your Daddy and I are so lucky that we get to be your parents. We love you forever and ever to the moon and back. Happy 3rd Birthday Maddie-cakes.


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